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Submissions Policy: Success Stories

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Before you send your success story, please spell-check your article.

Proofread your article.

Ask a friend to edit and proofread your article.

Include your name, a working email address, and the year you wrote the story.

Save your success story as plain text. Use two carrier returns to make a blank line between paragraphs. Do not use tabs or spaces to indent paragraphs.

Copy and paste your success story into an e-mail and send to

Type SUCCESS STORY in all caps in the Subject line of your email.

Please do not send your success story as an email attachment. We do not open email attachments.


Because we are on the road for much of the year, we may not respond to your email submission for several weeks. Please be patient.

We reserve the right to edit. We reserve the right not to publish success stories.

The information on our sites is available as a free service. We do not pay fees for articles on the sites.

Submissions and correspondence become the property of Wrightslaw and may be used in any media.

Opinions expressed are those of the contributors and are not the views of the editor or publisher of The Special Ed Advocate or



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