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Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy

The Special Education Survival Guide by Pam Wright & Pete Wright


Mississippi State Flower - (Magnolia grandiflora) Misssissippi Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities

We built the Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities so people can get reliable information and support. Your state Yellow Pages includes many resources - government programs, grassroots organizations, and parent support groups.

We are adding evaluators, educational consultants, academic tutors, advocates, attorneys, and others who help parents get services for their children.The Yellow Pages are a free service. If you are interested in being added to the yellow pages please send us an email.

Yellow Pages Flyer

To get the word out about the Yellow Pages, we designed flyers for each state. Please distribute your state Yellow Pages Flyer at schools, day care centers, libraries, doctor's and psychologist's offices, community centers, and hospitals. Get your State Yellow Pages Flyer now!

Note: The groups with a star (*) next to their names sponsored an advocacy training program by Pete and Pam Wright.

American Foundation for the Blind - Southeast
100 Peachtree Street, Suite 620
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 525-2303
E-mail: atlanta@afb.net
Web: www.afb.org

The Arc/Mississippi Association for the Rights of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities
7 Lakeland Circle, Suite 600
Jackson, MS 39202
(601) 982-1180; (800) 717-1180
E-mail: matt@arcms.org
Web: www.arcms.org

Brain Injury Association of Mississippi
P.O. Box 55912
Jackson, MS 39296-5912
(601) 981-1021; (800) 641-6442
E-mail biaofms@aol.com
Web: www.members.aol.com/biaofms/index.htm

Bureau of Mental Retardation
Department of Mental Health
1101 Robert E. Lee Building
239 N. Lamar Street
Jackson, MS 39201
(601) 359-1288
Web: www.dmh.state.ms.us

Central Mississippi Autism Support Group
Pam Dollar
149 Dry Creek Road
Magee, MS 39111
Phone: (601) 594-9314
Fax: (601) 849-3981
E-mail: pkdollar@aol.com
A support group for families of individuals with autism. Meets the second Monday night of each month at St. Dominic Hospital Education Department from 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.

Cerebral Palsy Foundation of Mississippi, Inc.
P.O. Box 16924
Jackson, MS 39236-6924
(601) 853-1961; (888) 852-1961 (toll free)
E-mail: cpfofms@aol.com
Web: www.cpfofms.org

CHADD Meridian Area
Tel: (601) 484-7144

Client Assistance Program
Mississippi Society for Disabilities
3226 N. State Street
Jackson, MS 39216
(601) 362-2585
E-mail: presleymsd@bellsouth.net

Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities
754 N. President Street
Jackson, MS 39202
(601) 969-0601 (V/TTY); (800) 748-9420 (V/TTY)
E-mail: mwynnccd@aol.com
Web: www.ccd-life.org

Columbus/North Mississippi Autism Support Group
P.O. Box 205
West Point, MS 39773
Phone: (662) 494-7060
Fax: (662) 404-7533
Support Group for families and freinds of individuals with autism.

Council on Developmental Disabilities
1101 Robert E. Lee Building
239 N. Lamar St.
Jackson, MS 39201
(601) 359-1270
Web: www.dmh.state.ms.us

Department of Mental Health
1101 Robert E. Lee Building
239 N. Lamar Street
Jackson, MS 39201
(601) 359-1288
Web: www.dmh.state.ms.us

Division of Children and Youth Services
Department of Mental Health
1101 Robert E. Lee Building
239 N. Lamar Street
Jackson, MS 39201
(601) 359-1288
E-mail: bscafidi@msdmh.org
Web: www.dmh.state.ms.us

Epilepsy Foundation of Mississippi
P.O. Box 16232
Jackson, MS 39236-6232
(601) 362-2761; (800) 898-0291 (In MS)
E-mail: efm@netdoor.com

Familes Advocating Collaborating Teaching and Supporting for Children's Mental Health, Inc.
The Gulf Coast Chapter of MS Families As Allies, Inc.
14081 Woodland Hills Drive
Biloxi, MS 39532
F.A.C.T.S. is for caregivers and professionals whose children and youth have emotional behavioral or mental health needs.

Governor Ronnie Musgrove
P.O. Box 139
Jackson, MS 39205-0139
(601) 359-3150
E-mail: governor@governor.state.ms.us
Web: www.governor.state.ms.us

Healthy Futures
754 N. President Street
Jackson, MS 39202
(601) 969-0601; (800) 748-9420 (V/TTY)
E-mail: HFofMS@aol.com
Web: www.healthyfuturesms.com

The Institute for Disability Studies
Mississippi-University Affiliated Program
University of Southern Mississippi
P.O. Box 5163
Hattiesburg, MS 39406-5163
(601) 266-5163; (601) 266-6035 (TTY)
(888) 671-0051 (in MS only)
E-mail: jane.siders@usm.edu
Web: www.ids.usm.edu

Learning Disabilities Association of Mississippi
4080 Old Canton Road
P.O. Box 4477
Jackson, MS 39216
(601) 362-1667
E-mail: ldams@netdoor.com

Living Independence for Everyone (L.I.F.E)
710 Katie Avenue
Hattiesburg, MS 39401
(601) 583-2108; (800) 898-8977
Living Independence for Everyone (L.I.F.E.)
754 N. President Street
Jackson, MS 39202
(601) 969-4009; (800) 748-9398 (TTY)
E-mail: lifeofms@aol.com
Web: www.lifeofms.com/index.html

Living Independence for Everyone (L.I.F.E)
1914 E. University Avenue
Oxford, MS 38655
(662) 234-7010; (800) 748-7471
E-mail: lifenor@dixie-net.com

Mental Health Association of the Capital Area, Inc.
411 Briarwood Drive, Suite 401
Jackson, MS 39206
(601) 956-2800
E-mail: mhajxn@aol.com

Mississippi Congress of Parents and Teachers, Inc.
P.O. Box 1754
Greenville, MS 38701
(601) 352-7383; (800) 795-6123
E-mail: shirlcartl@aol.com

Mississippi Department of Education
Suite 338, Central High Building
359 North West Street, P.O. Box 771
Jackson, MS 39205-0771
Phone: (601) 359-3498 Fax: (601) 359-2198
Parent Hotline: 1-877-544-0408
Web: http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/special_education/

Mississippi Department of Education's daily legislative report
You also may access this information by calling toll-free 1-877-LegisEd (534-4733.)
Web: http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/extrel/legup.htm

Mississippi Families As Allies for Children's Mental Health
5166 Keele Street, Building A
Jackson, MS 39206
(601) 981-1618; (800) 833-9671
E-mail: msfaa@netdoor.com
Web: www.ffcmh.org

Mississippi Office of Special Education
Web: http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/acad/sped/

Mississippi Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
Department of Rehabilitation Services
P.O. Box 1698
Jackson, MS 39215-1698
(601) 853-5230
Web: www.mdrs.state.ms.us

Mississippi Families as Allies for Childrens Mental Health
Nancy Vaughn
5166 Keele
St. Jackson, MS, 39206
(601) 981-1618
E-mail: nvaughn@msfaacmh.org

Mississippi Protection and Advocacy System
5305 Executive Place, Suite A
Jackson, MS 39206
(601) 981-8207; (800) 772-4057
E-mail: mspna@bellsouth.net

Mississippi Speech-Language-Hearing Association
P.O. Box 22664
Jackson, MS 39225-2664
(800) 664-6742
E-mail: msha@misnet.com
Web: www.mshausa.org

NAMI Mississippi (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill)
411 Briarwood Drive, Suite 401
Jackson, MS 39206
(601) 899-9058
E-mail: namimiss1@aol.com

Office of Special Education
Department of Education
P.O. Box 771 - Central High School Building
Jackson, MS 39205-0771
(601) 359-3498
Web: www.mde.k12.ms.us/acad/sped

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind
Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services
P.O. Box 1698
Jackson, MS 39215-1698
(601) 853-5100; (800) 443-1000
E-mail: mgandy@mdrs.state.ms.us

Parent Partners
5 Old River Place, Suite 101
Jackson, MS 39202
(601) 354-3302; (800) 366-5707 (in MS)
E-mail: tburton@parentpartners.org
Web: www.parentpartners.org

Parents United Together
P.O. Box 2810
Jackson, MS 39207-2810
E-mail: MOM424@aol.com
Web: www.parentsunitedtogether.com

Programs for Children with Disabilities: Ages 3 through 5
Office of Special Education
Department of Education
P.O. Box 771
Jackson, MS 39205-0771
(601) 359-3498
Web: www.mde.k12.ms.us/acad/sped

Programs for Children with Special Health Care Needs
Children's Medical Program
Board of Health
P.O. Box 1700
Jackson, MS 39215-1700
(601) 987-3965; (800) 844-0898 (National/WATS)

Programs for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities: Ages Birth through 2
First Steps Early Intervention System
Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH)
P.O. Box 1700
570 E. Woodrow Wilson Boulevard, Room 107
Jackson, MS 39215-1700
(601) 576-7427; (800) 451-3903 (in MS)
E-mail: roy.hart@msdh.state.ms.us
Web: www.msdh.state.ms.us

P.O. Box 1733
Greenville, MS 38702-1733
(662) 332-4852; (800) 337-4852
E-mail: empower@tecinfo.com

Revised - Proposed Policies and Procedures Regarding Children with Disabilities under IDEA Amendments of 1997
Web: http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/acad/sped/TOC2.htm

Senator Thad Cochran (R)
United States Senate
326 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-2402
(202) 224-5054
E-mail: senator@cochran.senate.gov
Web: www.senate.gov/~cochran

Senator Trent Lott (R)
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510-2403
(202) 224-6253
(202) 224-2262 (Fax)
E-mail: senatorlott@lott.senate.gov
Web: www.senate.gov/~lott

Southeast Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center
Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access
Georgia Tech
490 10th Street
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 385-0636 (V/TTY); (800) 949-4232 (V/TTY)
E-mail: se-dbtac@mindspring.com
Web: www.sedbtac.org

Special Education Documents/Memos
Web: http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/acad/sped/specialdoc.htm

Special Vocational Services for the Handicapped
Office of Vocational and Technical Education
Department of Education
P.O. Box 771
Jackson, MS 39205-0771
(601) 359-3089
E-mail: smay@mde.k12.ms.us
Web: www.mde.k12.ms.us

Spina Bifida Association of Mississippi
1511 Tracewood Drive
Jackson, MS 39211
(601) 957-2410
E-mail: sbamiss@hotmail.com
Web: http://sbamiss.tripod.com

State Board of Education Policy Manual
(REGS for special Ed Included)
State Board of Education (SBE) Policies
Web: http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/public/1whmsbe.htm

State Education Agency Rural Representative
Walter H. Moore
Department of Education
P.O. Box 771
Jackson, MS 39205

State Mediation System
Department of Education
Office of Special Education
P.O. Box 771
Jackson, MS 39205
(601) 359-3498
E-mail: bquarles@mde.k12.ms.us
Web: www.mde.k12.ms.us

T. K. Martin Center for Technology and Disability
Ms. Janie Cirlot-New, Director
Mississippi State University
P. O. Box 9736
Mississippi State, MS 39762
(662) 325-1028 Phone; (662) 325-0896 Fax
Web: www.tkmartin.msstate.edu
The Center provides comprehensive, multi-disciplinary evaluations to remove limitations through the application of assistive technology, allowing individuals to participate in educational, vocational and leisure activities.

TEAAM (Together Enhancing Autism Awareness in Mississippi)
P.O. Box 213
Newton, MS 39345
(601) 683-2061
E-mail: myeager@cmrc.state.ms.us

Technology-Related Assistance
Mississippi Project Start
P.O. Box 1698
Jackson, MS 39215-1698
(601) 987-4872; (V/TTY)
E-mail: spower@mdrs.state.ms.us

Toy Library and Technology Learning Center
University of Southern Mississippi
Gulf Park Campus
730 E. Beach Boulevard
Long Beach, MS 39560
(228) 867-2636
E-mail: Sara.Jackson@usm.edu
Web: www.gp.usm.edu/tlc.htm

VSA Arts of Mississippi
350 Woodrow Wilson Drive Box 3512
Jackson, MS 39213
(601) 713-3311; (601) 713-3344
E-mail: jadcvsa@netdoor.com [an error occurred while processing this directive]


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