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Directory of International Organizations & Information Groups

To be an effective advocate, you need to learn about your child's disability and how the disability affects your child's ability to learn. These organizations and groups provide information and answer questions.

If your know about an international disabilities organization or information group that should be included in this Directory, please send a description of the organization and contact information by email to

Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation
800-747-2820; 410-867-0242

International Dyslexia Association (formerly the Orton Dyslexia Society)
800-222-3123; 410-296-0232

International Fibrodysplaisa Ossificans Progressiva Association (IFOPA)
P.O.Box 196217
Winter Springs, FL 32719-6217
Note: This organization is based in FL but has members around the world.

International Resource Center for Down Syndrome
216-621-5858; 800-899-3039 (toll-free in OH only)

International Rett Syndrome Association
800-818-7388; 301-856-3334

London Speech & Language Centre
1589 Fanshawe Park Road East
London ON N5X 3Z9
Phone: (519) 642-7370 or (519) 642-2817
Fax: (519) 642-2470

TOMI - The Resources for Hope Center - For Autism
Tel Aviv, Israel 03-6760513
Los Angeles, USA (310) 388-3077

New Zealand

Learning & Behaviour Charitable Trust NZ
- This site will give you the information and resources you need if you know someone with a learning or behaviour difficulty.

Please help! Addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses change often. If you learn that an organization has new contact information, please send an email with the correct information.



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