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Getting Help

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State Yellow Pages l Resource Directories l Glossaries l Free Pubs l Free Newsletters

Kids Smiling Overwhelmed and overloaded?

One obstacle in advocating for a child with a disability is finding the time to do research on the issues involved. You need to learn about the child's disability, proven methods of teaching and learning, rights and responsibilities, and advocacy strategies.

We have spent a many hours collecting information so you can spend your time learning, not searching.

Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities

We designed the Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities so you can get reliable information and support. Your state Yellow Pages has different kinds of help - grassroots organizations, parent support groups, government programs and contact info. To recommend a group or organization for the Yellow Pages, please send an email with the name of the group, purpose, and contact information.

Resource Directories

To learn about your child's disability, use the Directory of Disabilities Organizations and Information Groups - you will find links to organizations that will help you get educated.

To get your state special education regulations and other special education publications, please use the Directory of State Departments of Education.

For information and parent training in your state, use the Directory of Parent Training Information Centers.

For legal and advocacy information, check the Directory of Legal and Advocacy Resources.

For international organizations and information groups, use the Directory of International Resources.

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Special Education & Legal Terms

Assessment Terms

Free Publications

Even if you are not new to the Internet, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of material you find. You can easily spend hours looking for information without finding what you need.

To learn about IEPs, reading, high-stakes testing, transition plans, children's mental health, discipline, zero tolerance and more, download the publications from our Free Stuff page.

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Free Newsletters and Journals

You can't beat a good online newsletter for up-to-date information on topics.

Check our listing of free online newsletters about legal, special education, and disabilities information. Each listing has a link that you can follow to subscribe.

The Beacon: The Journal of Special Education Law and Practice is a journal published quarterly by Harbor House Law Press.

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