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Directory of Best School Websites
Best School District Sites | Best PAC Site | Best PTA Site | Build Your Own Site

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This Directory of Best School Websites list the winners of our Best School Website Contest. These sites provide sample forms, worksheets, and useful information about special education. Newsletter subscribers sent us their favorite sites. We gave awards in three categories:

Best School District Sites

#1. Cooperative Education Service Agency Number 7, Green Bay, WI

Several people recommended the CESA-7 site. The site is well designed, easy-to-navigate, and filled with useful information from the staff of Cooperative Education Agency Number 7.

You may want to begin at the Parents Are Partners Information Center. This page includes a Parent / Adult Student Satisfaction Survey.

Here are a few highlights from this site:

Special Education in Plain Language

Results of Parent Satisfaction Survey


To learn about IEPs, assessment, ESY, discipline, and more, read the memoranda from the special ed director to his staff:

Writing IEP Annual Goals
Making IEP Goals Measurable
Writing Transition Statements in the IEP
Extended School Year
Inclusion Strategies for Teachers

The site includes the forms used by the district: IEP Forms.

IEP Checklists

We suggest that you download and use these checklists when you prepare for your next IEP meeting.

Present Levels of Performance Checklist
Annual Goals Checklist
Short-term Objectives & Benchmarks Checklist
IEP Monitoring & Review Checklist

When we contacted special education director Nissan Bar-Lev, he gave us permission to use articles and IEP checklists on our websites. We are taking him up on his offer.

#2. Sevier County, Sevierville, TN

The Sevier County Special Education site has hundreds of informational links for parents, teachers, activities, lesson development links, and caseload support. The site includes a comprehensive list of local, state, and federal forms.

The site has information for parents. Webmaster Jeff Romanczuk organized information by topic, from ADHD and accommodations to Section 504 and vision impairments. When you make a request of your school district, it is useful to have the forms used by the district. This site has a list of forms about IEPs, Section 504, discipline, assessment, etc.

#3. Mahwah Township Public Schools, NJ

The Mahwah Township site is more difficult to navigate but has good sample letters that you can tailor to your circumstances. Scroll down and click "Child Study Team" to get special ed info)

  • To Request an Evaluation
  • To Request an IEP Meeting
  • To Request an Independent Educational Evaluation
  • To Discuss Problems; Communication Breakdown
  • To Give Positive Feedback

Best PAC Site

Concord Special Education Parent Advisory Committee.

Concord Sped PAC
has built a fantastic site for parents! The Mission Statement captures the essence of this site:

  • to provide education and information to parents and the broader community on special education issues and services
  • to establish better understanding of, respect for, and support of special education
  • to work with the Concord Public Schools and Concord-Carlisle Regional School District to insure that students’ needs are met


Best PTA Site

Mountain Road Elementary PTA, GA

The Mountain Road Elementary PTA site includes links to special events; disability organizations; resources; assessment accommodations; behavior plans and assessments; advocacy information; conferences; interesting facts.

How You Can Build a Great School Website

If you want your school district, SPED PAC, or PTA to build a site that provides useful, reliable information, use these sites as your models.

Make your pitch - and offer to help!

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