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IEP Review Checklist

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Present Level of Performance

Is there sufficient information on what the child is doing now?

____ strengths
____ needs related to the child's disability
____ parent concerns

How does the child's disability affect progress in the general curriculum?

Does the PLOP establish a baseline of information about the child?

____ measurable - means observable (you can see it, hear it, count it)
____ functional - means useful in the child's daily environment
____ identifies any special factors
____ describes both academic and non-academic areas
____ includes results of most recent evaluation or re-evaluation (e.g. formal and informal educational performance data, state and/or district assessments)

Annual Goal

What can the child accomplish in 12 months?

____ related to the disability
____ related to the Wisconsin academic standards/general curriculum
____ functional
____ measurable

Is the goal stated in the following terms:

The child - will do what - to what level/degree?

Does the goal apply to a variety of situations and activities?

Can you describe the behavior the child will be doing when the goal is reached?

Short Term Objectives/Benchmarks

What will the child need to do to achieve each annual goal?

____ at least 2 per each goal
____ a precursor step or building block skill
____ measurable

Do the short-term objectives define the intermediate steps to a goal?

The child - will do what - to what level/degree- under what conditions?

Do the benchmarks identify major milestones in achieving a goal?

The child - will do what - to what level/degree - by when?


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Our thanks to the staff of Cooperative Educational Service Agency #7 (CESA) for permission to use this document. This district won the Wrightslaw "Best School Sites Contest."



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